Our amazing memorable family visit to St Helena began on 22nd December 2018 as we touched down at 13.13pm at the St Helena airport, where we were greeted by friendly Airport staff, which I hastened to add is very humbling compared to some airports we have been to.

I fell completely head over heels in love with St Helena for the culture and the breath-taking scenery and the outstanding contrast.

The Saints were so welcoming and friendly, no matter wherever you are on the St Helena the locals will say ‘Hello’ or wave as you drive by. It reminded me of growing up in the 70s with a great sense of security and warmth, it’s very much like stepping back in time when there was a genuine community spirit and everyone helping each other out, sadly in the UK this has diminished for some. I hope and pray that the Islanders keep their ‘sparkle’ and stay the way they are, we absolutely love you all, it would be a shame to lose the unique humble spirit.

St James Church
St James Church St Helena

We visited Plantation House and was honoured to be given a tour by Governor Lisa Honan. We had heard a few negative comments regarding the Governor prior to our visit so naturally we were dubious about her, upon our visit we found her charming, knowledgeable, honest, very down to earth (not at all stuffy) she even agreed to have photos taken with tourists!! We felt terribly guilty for doubting her!

We could honestly see that Govenor Lisa had a genuine passion for St Helena Island and its people she has worked so hard to achieve her goals for the benefit of the Island/ers. Our message here is ‘Do not trust other people’s comments but ….’ Trust your own judgement’

We strongly believe Lisa will be a great loss when she leaves Plantation house. We hope she gets recognition for her time on St Helena Island.

Jonathan the Tortoise
Jonathan the Tortoise

Governor Lisa Honan took us to meet the 187-year-old tortoise Jonathan which was another honour and privilege who naturally stole the show he wasn’t fazed about the tourists taking photos… He absolutely revelled in it.

We observed a special relationship between The Governor and Jonathan which was so touching to see they obviously adore each other, Lisa obviously spends allot of time with Jonathon as there was a sense of classical conditioning displayed.

Another one of our excursion’s was to see the dolphins on the ‘Enchanted Isle’ a very we kept boat, this experience was incredible, the crew was very experienced as they took us to see the hundreds of dolphins playing in their natural almost untouched environment, we also had a coastal tour of the Island along the way and as an added bonus we anchored of at Egg Island where passengers enjoyed swimming in the amazing crystal clear waters around St Helena.

Contributed by Helen Haddrell.

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