What can one do when visiting St Helena?

There is never a shortage of great things to do on St Helena. If you are interested in History, we have many historical interest to offer on St Helena. Tracing Napoleon’s tracks on St Helena is one of the most popular things for any visitor do on St Helena, Napoleons house in Long-wood is a must do, along with a slow walk to Napoleons Tomb is always on offer after you have departed Long wood house.

Many local tour companies offer this local tour or you could rent a car from a local rent a car company and embark on the Journey yourself.

Climbing Jacobs ladder is also a highlight for anyone wanting to take on the challenge from the bottom which starts near the St Helena Museum and finishes 699 steps later.

Fishing and Diving is a must do for the adventurous visitor, Into the Blue a local five-star dive operator offers some of the finest diving on St Helena. Into the Blue also offers marine tours and fishing trips.

Get Hooked St Helena is another renowned operator that offers various packages for local fishing charters, Get Hooked St Helena offers Tuna, Wahoo, and game fishing for any one who is keen to catch a big one.

St Helena offers some great eating places and you won’t be far away from a local eatery no matter where you choose to stay on Island.

Self-catering accommodation, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses can be found dotted around the Island.

Walking is another popular thing to do for the energetic visitor and every year there is a walking festival that is organise by the local St helena tourist office and local tour operators.

There is no doubt you will not be short of the things to do on St Helena.   

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