This podcast is about what the British Napoleonic Bicentenary trust is doing for St Helena. The St Helena Podcast talks to the Executive director of the British Napoleonic Bicentenary trust  James Bramble.

We talk about the trust and the great things the trust is doing for the Island during the podcast we touch on the launch of the trust, the new perspective, the challenges, how it promotes Education and supports the preservation of Georgian Heritage  on St Helena.

The talk also includes how Lord Ashcroft’s donation is welcome and how it  will be used on St Helena to restore the famous 699 step Jacobs ladders. .

More about the British Napoleonic Bicentenary trust here

Although the podcast said there are no events planned there is one online event planned for the 15th April at 18;00 called “a kick from the ass Bonaparte and Lowe” more on the website.

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