The British Napoleonic Bicentenary trust Podcast

This podcast is about what the British Napoleonic Bicentenary trust is doing for St Helena. The St Helena Podcast talks to the Executive director of the British Napoleonic Bicentenary trust  James Bramble. We talk about the trust and the great things the trust is doing for the Island during the podcast we touch on the launch of the trust, […]

The Blue Belt programme and the partnership with St Helena

The Blue Belt programme and partnership with St Helena This week is marine awareness on St Helena. Marine awareness week is held every year on the Island and this year MAW kicked off on the 15 March 2021. The opening, to mark the event took place at Anne’s place with welcoming speeches from Governor Phillip […]

I lost weight and changed my life with TeamRH.

I lost weight, ate real food and changed my life with TeamRH. Meet Chrissie. Chrissie knew she had to change her life because she was heading to weight loss surgery if she didn’t make a life change. Chrissie who originates from Jamestown has lost over 120 lbs in total and 67 pounds with team RH […]

Goodbye Island holidays

Libby on St Helena

Today on the St Helena Podcast we are going to say goodbye to Island Holidays as we chat with Libby Weir Breen of the Scottish based, Island holiday company which will cease trading soon as Libby is retiring after thirty-three years. You might asked what is that to do with St Helena? Island Holidays has […]

St Helena Saint and Slaves

Saints and Slaves, explores what the finds mean for St Helena and for its people, who were confronted with a stark reminder of their own slave heritage.

Fibre optic cable for St Helena podcast

Fibre optic cable St Helena

Our latest St Helena podcast is here in this fifty six minute episode we engage on an interesting discussion with our podcast guest Christian von der Rupp who has championed the St Helena subsea cable for more than ten years when it was just a dream all those years ago. Christian and I talk about […]

Food and culture, growing up and cooking on St Helena with Saint Cooks

Saint Cooks

In this weeks episode our podcast guest “Saint cooks” shares their experience of growing up and cooking on St Helena. we also talk about their passion for St Helena food and culture. In this episode Saint Cooks also named the top St Helena dishes one should try when visiting the Island. St Helena (Dot Jonas) […]

How to rent property with owners direct on St Helena

st helena accommodation

Our latest listing on the St Helena Directory is a P& Ms self-catering property which is located in an ideal location at the top of Half Tree Hollow. P&Ms self-catering accommodation is a newly built property that offers exception comfort for its guest. You might ask yourself what are the benefits of the St Helena […]

Where to stay on St Helena

Property finder St Helena

Where to stay on St Helena is the first question you will ask yourself when planning to visit St Helena.  Searching the internet will probably become a bit confusing when searching for accommodation on St Helena. You will not find many places that offer online booking like you would find at other Holiday destinations. Island […]