The much anticipated ‘Mining Memory’ documentary film by Professor Dan Yon will soon be here and it is yet another masterpiece from the Director whose film making prowess has earned accolades and recognition’s over the years. Mining Memory attempts to revisit the old memories and legacies of the 20th century copper mining period in a twist that involves one hundred men departing the Island of St Helena aboard the RMS Galician Castle, to Port Nolloth and the mining town of Concordia, in a bid to take up employment and work in the copper mines. The mining town Concordia is in the Namakwa District in the Northern Cape province of South Africa and around 600 Kilometres from Cape town.

‘Mining Memory’ and the St Helena Connection

The film which was set in and shot in Concordia and the neighboring areas seems to rewind the times with flashbacks to both St Helena and the ocean within, it is a kind of reflection on the existence and place of St Helena in the history of Namaqualand today. This mining of the memory and social and ecological legacy of copper mining in Concordia and the environs also have in it a kind of interwoven fragments of St Helena’s place in history. The documentary film is set to be premiered at the Encounters Film Festival in South Africa on June 5th and June 6th, 2018. This will then be followed by another screening on St Helena the week commencing on the 18th June which is organised by the Museum of St Helena. The screening here will be held at the Consulate Hotel in Jamestown. This will yet again add another feather to the cap of St Helena whose rich beauty and history has made it made a destination for many a tourist.


St Helena in a brief

Dan Young, whose work in 2010 was the runner-up for the Audience Award at Encounters 2010 has yet again reawakened our attention to the richness and beauty of St Helena which have been shown has spanned several centuries over time. As a native of the Island, his views of the region as subtly portrayed in the documentary is one that has ever tone of exactness and awe to it. For those who may not have seen the island, St Helena is really a place to visit.

Would You want to visit St Helena?

If you’d take the challenge and travel to St Helena, then you’d be unlocking the door to explore a whole range of exciting and awesome adventures waiting to be discovered. Along with nature’s gift of a lush landscape and beautiful sceneries, St Helena’s history is so rich and vibrant you’ll be in awe. You can visit the Napoleonic properties, as well as Napoleon’s Tomb in Sane Valley where the legend was buried in 1821. You could also take a trip to the Plantation House built in 1792 for the Governor of the East India Company. You can enjoy some of the world’s best fishing,and diving experiences, also see the abundance of marine life including swimming with whale sharks from January to March. The exceedingly beautiful Castle Gardens, Jacob’s Ladder, as well as the Heart Shaped Waterfall among others are a few of the discoveries awaiting you on this tropical island in the Atlantic Ocean. Coupled with the fact that the island just got its very own airport which has made transportation a whole lot easier, it should come in as one of the places on your bucket list you must see anytime soon. If you’ll travel to St Helena, you may want to book your accommodation and tour of the island at St Helena Directory where you’ll have access to a wide range of accommodation and tour booking services to make your St Helena experience a memorable and unforgettable one.

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