Our latest listing on the St Helena Directory is a P& Ms self-catering property which is located in an ideal location at the top of Half Tree Hollow.

P&Ms self-catering accommodation is a newly built property that offers exception comfort for its guest.

You might ask yourself what are the benefits of the St Helena directory? What does it offer some one who owns rental properties or who is a St Helena service provider.

The St Helena directory strategy is designed to be simple but at the same time offer opportunities for owners of self-catering, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, or any type of accommodation to advertise online. The online directory also offers listings for restaurant’s, pubs, clubs, rental cars, tour operators and fishing charters, you name it and we will list it here on the St Helena directory.

We have created and easy to use interface that gives potential clients a simple but detailed end user experience when trying to book a trip to St Helena.

The directory is divided into categories made up of Accommodation, Bars and Restaurants, Crafts and Gifts, fishing and Diving, Local Services, Rental cars taxis and tour operators.

The owner of any business that falls into any of the categories could get your business listed right here for free today. The benefits are, this will give you and your St Helena Business the exposure on the internet and also offer you the opportunity to let clients contact you directly hence the meaning behind our slogan or tagline “owners direct” yes that is correct clients will contact you directly when they would like to book one of your services that you have listed here online at the St Helena directory. This means that you could secure bookings from clients without having to pay premium rates.

What does this mean?

This means that you are now in full control of your own services that you provide

We welcome all St Helena service providers to list here with us online, remembering at the time of writing this service is totally free of charge and we will be keen to help you get listed on the St Helena online directory.

What are others saying about our service?

Clients are saying great things as we also offer the opportunity for clients to leave a review on each listing or service that is used via the directory

Most client’s comments on the great St Helena experience and the amazing hospitality.

Our recent owners who have listed on the directory have been really pleased with the response from the online enquires and has resulted in securing bookings via the service.

We maintain and keep a close-up eye on the website usage and we have seen some shockingly good results from our audience. We look forward to hearing from anyone with any interest to getting listed on the St Helena directory – Owners direct as it’s the next best affordable option to get you more clients booking self-catering, hotel guesthouse’s and other service on St Helena.

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