Our latest St Helena podcast is here in this fifty six minute episode we engage on an interesting discussion with our podcast guest Christian von der Rupp who has championed the St Helena subsea cable for more than ten years when it was just a dream all those years ago.

Christian and I talk about the delivery and installation of the St Helena subsea fibre optic (Equiano) cable which is due to arrive on St Helena by the year 2022.

The discussion touches on many aspects of the subsea cable project including expectations from both service providers and end users.

During this podcast conversation we also touch on the current climate of the satellite connectivity to St Helena including the connection types that is offered to the user on Island today.

The reason for High internet prices on St Helena, Ascension and the Falkland Islands is also discussed.  

It is no doubt that internet users on St Helena has a vision of cheaper affordable high speed internet post cable landing  but It clearly shows that from previously local and online media discussions St Helena faces many challenges to make the right decisions today in order for every household and business user to enjoy affordable internet in the future.

What is your expectation post Google’s Equiano cable arrival on our shores in St Helena?

Please continue to listen to the subsea fibre optic cable project podcast here If you live in a geographical area with capped internet and would like a download of a lower sampled file of this podcast please get in touch.

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