James Herne and his family sailed their 38 foot Carpe Diem proudly over the finished line tonight and completed the 2018 Cape to St Helena race, we are home said Hannah. “what a memorable moment for James Hannah and their family”

Also on board is an additional crew member Rob who raced with them from Capetown to St Helena. The Cape to St Helena Race is the biggest yacht race on St Helena which started in 1996. just ahead of James was SY Ronin who also crossed the line tonight. James was met by a launch and also the awaiting media .

The landing steps was also filled with onlookers welcoming James and the crew ashore.

300 meters before the finish line Saint FM spoke to Hannah on board an this is what she had to say.

Meanwhile back at the yacht club a large crowd was waiting to welcome the Carpe Diem crew home. A short first interview podcast is available on the Saint FM website

The welcome:

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