Today’s episode talks about one of St Helena’s richest assets which is fishing. P Q trading has been endorsed as the preferred investor for fish processing on St Helena. Some local fishers are not happy with the proposal offered, they are less happy with how the process to select and investor has been carried out.  […]

Saying good bye to St Helena and Island holidays as the Scotish based holiday company cease trading after thirty three years in business. Company owner Libby Weir Breen talks about her St Helena and South Atlantic Island travels libby says goodbye to St Helena, as it was something she could not do as the COVD-19 pandemic […]

Saints and Slaves, explores what the finds mean for St Helena and for its people, who were confronted with a stark reminder of their own slave heritage.

A podcast by Simon Pipe on the excavation of more than 300 skeletons from a slave graveyard on the British island of St Helena,  This is a podcast by Simon Pipe on the excavation of more than 300 skeletons from a slave graveyard on the British island of St Helena, in the South Atlantic. The […]

In this episode we talk about the delivery and installation of the St Helena sub-sea fibre optic cable which is due to arrive on St Helena in 2022. It is no doubt that internet users on St Helena has a vision of cheaper affordable high speed internet post cable landing  but It clearly shows that from […]

In this weeks episode our podcast guest “Saint cooks” shares their experience of growing up and cooking on St Helena. we also talk about their passion for St Helena food and culture. In this episode Saint Cooks also named the top St Helena dishes one should try when visiting the Island. St Helena (Dot Jonas) […]

Our latest listing on the St Helena Directory is a P& Ms self-catering property which is located in an ideal location at the top of Half Tree Hollow. P&Ms self-catering accommodation is a newly built property that offers exception comfort for its guest. You might ask yourself what are the benefits of the St Helena […]

Where to stay on St Helena is the first question you will ask yourself when planning to visit St Helena.  Searching the internet will probably become a bit confusing when searching for accommodation on St Helena. You will not find many places that offer online booking like you would find at other Holiday destinations. Island […]

The much anticipated ‘Mining Memory’ documentary film by Professor Dan Yon will soon be here and it is yet another masterpiece from the Director whose film making prowess has earned accolades and recognition’s over the years. Mining Memory attempts to revisit the old memories and legacies of the 20th century copper mining period in a […]

Are you lооking fоr a nеw game fishing destination of the beaten trасk? Are you tired of fishing at the same area all the time, St Hеlеnа оffеrѕ a fishermen’s paradise whether you are a casual fiѕhеrmаn or juѕt lооking fоr a ѕtrеѕѕ-frее week ѕоmе whеrе unique? St Hеlеnа offers аll types of fishing in […]

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